WandMates Cosmic

199.99 $

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Take a trip out of this world with the WandMate Cosmic! This wand will leave you high on Cloud 9 with its two powerful vibrating motors and adjustable speeds and functions! The Cosmic has two fully functional ends giving you endless options to stay soaring all night! With a motor in each end, the bulbous portion features deep, penetrating vibrations suitable for relaxing massages or to satisfy your insatiable desires! Flip your Cosmic around and you now have a toy hungry for your G-Spot! With its curvy end and strong vibrations, just try to keep your feet on the ground! But, if you want to come back down to Earth, then bring your Cosmic on a watery adventure in the shower, hot tub or bath tub because this wand is waterproof! Made of luxurious silicone and USB rechargeable for your convenience, the Cosmic is ready… are you?


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