Bonnie & Clyde

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Unique Rechargeable rampant rabbit with innovative natural waves system massaging the whole vaginal canal from top to bottom! Plenty of new sensations to play around, enjoy and share!

Bonnie & Clyde Rabbit Vibrator with natural waves system. Can be used with or without remote control (LRS).

Tickle and tease with this luxurious silicone rabbit that rotates, vibrates and satisfies with an array of titillating functions. As well boasting a firm shaft, clitoral stimulator and simple controls, the Bonnie & Clyde is ultra-quiet.

With its gentle touch neon pink silicone surface, this stunning rabbit has powerful functions. It can easily be controlled either by the button at the base or with the LRS remote control. It is no doubt the ideal companion for experienced rabbit users that will be surprised by its nearly silent motor.

The mischievous couple is at it again, yet this time, they’re robbing depravity and slaying in the sexual sector of crime. Bonnie and Clyde is a rapidly whirling rabbit vibrator with multiple, moan-filled settings and offers endless possibilities of playtime.

Depending on your freak or fantasy, choose whether Bonnie and Clyde will scream out vibration after roaring vibration or whisper sweet melodies. Let shock swim through your senses as the super-quiet motors soundlessly buzz away on your sensitivity, pleasing every inch of your depths.

Designed with a natural wave system, the shaft on this versatile rabbit vibrator seductively spins in sex-craving circles for more epic orgasms.

Tactically positioned inside this dangerously delightful vibrator, the large, lip-quivering motors, equipped with four, spherical bulbs, gently gyrates to create an extra intense experience while providing a soundless serenity for playtime. Bonnie and Clyde thoroughly enjoy providing youwith dual pleasure simultaneously with its dual motors.

Freely explore the 10 climax-controlling convicts, but be weary not to lose track of time. Bonnie and Clyde encourages full playtime with it’s long-lasting, 60-minute battery life.

Made from 100% silicone, Bonnie and Clyde delights in its soft, velvety feel and easy, super-slick slip and sliding abilities.

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