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You know yourself and what you want! You’re single, but know that life is much too short to deny yourself any of the naughty pleasures life has to offer. You’re a couple who wants to change up their routine? Erotika has thought of everything! Sizzle up your intimate moments and pamper yourself in the most exciting way possible. Erotika offers the largest inventory of sexual objects designed for males. We have a wide array of premium products carefully selected to satisfy all your manly urges.

Erotika Online Sex Shop Montreal


Maximize your stamina with our stimulant tablets

Be on top of your game without any of the adverse side effects from other brands. Suitable for all types of clients, our aphrodisiac pills let you find your ‘oomph’ without causing your erection to last any longer than intended. Now you can get virile without any of the side effects from products sold in pharmacies. Our aphrodisiac stimulants are some of Erotika’s best sellers. Ask us for more information.

Erotika Online Sex Shop Montreal


Discover all the sex objects and intimate sex toys specially catered to Him. Give him access to the largest inventory of sex accessories in Montreal. Bring your desires front and center and try a variety of sexual objects for the best thrills. The quality of products offered by Erotika is unlike anything found any sex shop. Our love boutique proposes a modern and trendy environment that welcomes guests in a relaxed atmosphere. Looking for powerful sex toys, intense sensations or complete gratification? Come in and have a look around!

Erotika Online Sex Shop Montreal


It’s your body and you have total control. Use this freedom to try everything you desire. Erotika carries all models of adult objects, accessories and entertainment, made of quality materials. The majority of our products come with a ten-year warranty. Don’t settle for just any toys, enjoy the hottest items on the market. We know our business and we make it a priority to serve you so you can reach your highest ecstasy… and nothing less!

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